Joyful or Happy?


  Joy is a word that is tossed around a lot, without a whole lot of meaning assigned to it. Many times it is actually just used as a more spiritual sounding word for happy. People think of it maybe as a deeper version of happiness, saying that sunsets or walks on the beach bring … [See more…]

Why Pray to an Omniscient God?

Hands praying

Imagine one of those on-the-street interviewers has just come up to you and shoved a microphone in your face. You had been enjoying a cool breeze and a hot cup of coffee, but now you’re staring into the biggest camera you’ve ever seen and a crazed looking reporter is blinking at you. “Do you pray?” … [See more…]

A Prayerful Attitude [Video]

In the third episode of the Wicket Gate, Benjamin talks about what a prayerful attitude looks like. Reading from Matthew 6, he discusses the importance of having the correct motivation while praying, and the critical role that prayer plays in the life of a Christian.

The Best Laid Plans…

To Do

I like to plan. I like to plan my day, my future, my budget, my trips. Seriously, I love checklists. A lot. What I don’t love is when unexpected road blocks come along and keep my plan from actually happening. If I choose to not finish my list, that’s one thing, but unforeseen circumstances on … [See more…]

The Golden Calf

Aaron gazed up the mountain, past steep rocks and through the scraggily desert bushes. How many days had it been? So many. And here he was still sitting, and waiting. Alone. He sighed. He had tried to turn to God as Moses would have expected him to, but it just wasn’t working. Lately it felt … [See more…]

The Names of God

Hebrew Scroll

The Bible tells us to “praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above heaven and earth” (Psalm 148:13). I find it interesting that we are so often commanded to praise the name of God. Wouldn’t just reminding us to praise God be enough?

What Does That Even Mean?

In yesterday’s video, Benjamin went through several passages that declared without question that God is holy. But what does that even mean? As I sat down to write this, I realized that my idea of holiness is pretty vague. If somebody asked me what it was, I wouldn’t be able to give an answer other … [See more…]