Fully Known

Being at a university of 40,000 people has some upsides and some downsides. Now, personally, I love the ability to just blend into crowds so that not one person is taking a bit of notice of me. Every once in a while, though, I walk around and think of how very little anyone here even … [See more…]

Names of Jesus


One of our firsts posts described some of the names of God -The Creator of the Universe, the Great I AM. Names that describe His love, His care, His power, His sacrifice. It was eye opening to see how God’s names describe who He is, who our Living God really is. The same is true … [See more…]

Nature, Not Nurture

  Sin nature. We’ve all got one. Unfortunately…   What does a sin nature look like, you ask? It looks like me, sitting at work, chatting with some women around my desk about the alleged hurricane (that we never saw much of here in AZ). As I’m sitting there, one of the ladies starts describing … [See more…]



The Old Testament Law has kind of gotten a bad reputation. “It’s long! It’s boring! It doesn’t have anything to do with me!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words from Christians. I’ll admit, I myself trudge through books like Leviticus very rarely because it’s lots of work and slooow going. … [See more…]

Not to Gossip, But…

Girls Whispering

You know the feeling. The urge to tell someone a juicy happening, the need to vent about the lady in the supermarket, and that moment when you just have to point out that the guy in church is driving you nuts. Which of these is gossip? Any of them? All of them? I can’t tell … [See more…]

Seeing the World Differently

life boat

You have probably heard about the Titanic. You have maybe even imagined what it felt like to be standing on that deck, with the sounds of scraping metal in your ears, wondering if this was all the life you had left. I know I have. I have also thought of how immense the relief must … [See more…]