The Hypocrisy of Palm Sunday

Have you ever pictured what Palm Sunday must have looked like? In my mind, I see streets just overflowing with people in their Bible-time robes. In my picture, there are palm leaves everywhere. They’re waving in the air, laid on the ground, flapping half-torn from trees. And as Jesus rides in majestically on His colt, … [See more…]

When You Say, “Soon”…

Soo… the Bible says quite a few times that Jesus is coming back soon. With the emphasis always on the “soon”. Pastors like to rail on that from the pulpit and Christians mutter it to themselves when they need encouragement to do right. The thing is, the Bible was finished almost two thousand years ago… … [See more…]

I’m a Saint

I’m a saint. I’m not talking the figurative idea of a saint – the goody-two-shoes person who never does anything wrong. Or even the sarcastic version – the person who is so bad they’re called a saint in jest or anger. Oh no. I am a real life, honest-to-goodness, bona fide saint. The thing is … [See more…]

Which Way?

College students like us are constantly thinking about the future. I mean, everything from our grades to our jobs to the clubs we’re in could basically come back to haunt us for the rest of our lives. Then there are the constant decisions. What job do I want? When do I want to start working? … [See more…]

Into the Furnace

Heat. Overwhelming heat. Thousands of degrees of heat. Within four walls of solid, blackened rock. And an immovable door. Not to mention flames — burning, hungry fire that burns and sears and scorches. Sound pleasant? Well, it’s the best thing that could happen to your spiritual walk. Job 23:10 says, “But He knows the way … [See more…]

Beyond Understanding

Extravagant. Lavish. Unconditional. Overwhelming. These are words people use to try and describe the height and depth and gloriousness of God’s love for people, for sinners, for us. These are the words I hear people use as they grasp for some kind of understanding of such a deep, unwavering love. But through our eyes, God’s … [See more…]

For Such a Time as This?

Anyone who says the Bible is boring has never read the book of Esther. I mean it. A king divorces his wife because she refuses to come before him and his drunk friends, so to replace her, he commands that the most beautiful women in the country come to the palace. There they receive beauty … [See more…]