The Desires of Your Heart

This past Sunday, I was in a mood. Nothing sounded fun, nothing was making me happy. No matter what I did, I still felt… blech. So I had a talk with myself. Me: Self, what’s your problem? Myself: I am NOT happy. Me: What do we need to make us happy? Myself: Well, I could … [See more…]

Whatever You Do?

A writing opportunity fell into my lap the other day that had me aglow with excitement (Seriously. I think there was actual glow-age.) I was going to get to write an article like I do here on the Wicket Gate but for a site that gets thousands of visitors each day instead of a handful … [See more…]

If Martha Were a College Student

Have you ever heard the story of Martha, the woman in the Bible? If she were a college student today rather than a woman living at the time of Jesus, her story would look scarily similar to mine. It would be almost identical, actually, to my week. Minus the sister (I do have a sister, … [See more…]