1. Hello friend, I love the story of Elizabeths forgiveness.
    It strikes me.

    That was a unique Grace that expresses God’s love.

    May God grant me that heart to live like Jesus would have me.

    God bless you.

    Enjoy your weekend

    • It really was amazing how fully she was able to express God’s love when she stayed. I’m sure it spoke to the people there more than anything she could have said.

      I have that same prayer that you do, and I love how you phrased it: May God grant me the heart like Jesus would have me. We can only do it with His help!

  2. You’ve shared some important truth here for us. It becomes much easier to grant grace lavishly when we realize and then remember just how lavishly we’ve received it! Thanks so much for linking with us at Grace & Truth!

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