1. Karen Del Tatto

    Thanks so much for refocusing me. I was lamenting to myself how I have “nothing to look forward to”, no plans, nothing for the month of September which is really so silly when my daily life is blessed with my precious six month old granddaughter! But yet there is still this discontentment. Those verses helped to remind me that God is my all in all with a calendar full or a calendar empty.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    • I definitely know the feeling of disappointment with no plans. And when we don’t have big plans, it is so easy to quickly forget the amazing little things. God’s Word has such a different perspective on life than I often have.

      How fun for you that you have your little granddaughter! I hope you have lots of precious moments spending time with her and that your September still feels full of joy : )

  2. I love 1 Tim 6:6 and it’s something I’m memorizing right now. Thank you for linking this up with us at Grace & Truth!! You’re a vital part of our community and we appreciate reading your posts!

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