…is how you live your life.

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When Meredith wrote her last post about “how we live our days is how we live our lives,” we were thinking about taking a week or two off from The Wicket Gate. That week or two ended up turning into a month, but guess what? WE’RE BACK! 🙂

We thought we were going to have some things to give you when we came back, like a new look, and bringing back videos, but those things didn’t end up happening. The month-long break was good for us, though, as we were running around crazy between school and work. We will eventually redesign the site and bring back videos, but those things will just have to wait until a later time… we’ll just keep living our days well and trust God with the rest!

So, Meredith will be back with the blog tomorrow, and we’ll be starting up the podcast again in the next week or two. We’re also going to shake up our mailing list, and only send out emails once per week (pick a day below!). We love you folks and are excited about the future! Thanks for sticking with us.


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