1. Karen

    This is so timely! I have been struggling with this very issue but didn’t realize what it was that made me feel so empty inside. I know I am saved but the joy has been missing- the joy of a personal relationship not an impersonal one. Thank you for being a sister in the Lord.

    • Meredith

      This comment almost made me cry. Praise God for using my struggles and downfalls to help someone else!

      I’ll be praying for you, Karen : ) And thank you so much for the blessing you are around here.

  2. It’s easy for my to drift into an impersonal relationship with God when I get too busy. This is a beautiful reminder to seek God first, with all of our hearts.
    I found you via your guest post on Arabah’s blog. I love your writing. I was really encouraged by, When God Calls You Beyond Just Good. It was shared at the Grace and Truth link up last week and I would like to feature it this week for Grace and Truth on my blog.

  3. Louise

    I needed this! Quite often the answer to why I’m feeling so distant…so hollow…in my relationship with Jesus is because I am not giving Him my time. It’s a little awkward to admit, but I sometimes find myself with the thought process of “God can hold this together while I take care of…..” when the truth of the matter is that one thing I’m taking care of can easily turn into a couple of weeks, and then there I am wondering where He might be in all of this. It truly IS a daily, conscious decision to remain close to Him ~ in the pocket of His robe. We don’t get to know each other on an intimate level by scanning each other’s social media page, but by sitting down face-to-face and sharing intimate conversations. God loves us so deeply, and I know He desires this with us & just as important, my soul and Spirit desperately needs it 🙂 <3 I will continually pray for a passion for my alone time with Him ~ just me & my Savior sitting face to face <3

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