Context Fail…

The other day, I was skimming through Pinterest (my very favorite site), when I came across this picture. I had actually seen it several times before, often with the reference Psalm 46:5 and always with a lovely picture of some girl. The thing is, I didn’t remember or recognize this verse at all. Well, by … [See more…]

How Different Are You?

Stand Out

The watch word for our culture is “in”. Are these clothes in, is that phrase in, am I in? It may sound like a middle school cliche, but look at the people around you. Look at yourself and your own life choices. We are constantly trying to do what everyone else is doing, what’s acceptable, essentially, … [See more…]

The Master Plan


In the latest video, Benjamin talked about what we can learn about God from His Word, and one of those things is often sadly overlooked – God has a perfect plan. While the Bible does teach us how we should act and how we can best serve God, its main point is

The Beauty of Change

There once was a little girl who cried for hours when her haircut was a few inches shorter than usual. She cried when her family moved, when she changed schools, and when she had to give her clothes to her little sister. When she grew up, she even cried as she waved goodbye to her … [See more…]

Far Better

Sun through Clouds

When I was younger and was really excited about something, say a vacation we were about to take, I would inevitably walk into Sunday School or a church service and hear, “Jesus is coming back someday!” I would then get all worried that Jesus would come back before the vacation had even started, and once … [See more…]

Joyful or Happy?


  Joy is a word that is tossed around a lot, without a whole lot of meaning assigned to it. Many times it is actually just used as a more spiritual sounding word for happy. People think of it maybe as a deeper version of happiness, saying that sunsets or walks on the beach bring … [See more…]

Why Pray to an Omniscient God?

Hands praying

Imagine one of those on-the-street interviewers has just come up to you and shoved a microphone in your face. You had been enjoying a cool breeze and a hot cup of coffee, but now you’re staring into the biggest camera you’ve ever seen and a crazed looking reporter is blinking at you. “Do you pray?” … [See more…]