What’s the Point?

What is the point of Christianity? What is its purpose? (How’s that for a heavy opening question? No easy, peasy, flimsy stuff today!) Some people peering in from the outside hear Christians talking about how important it is not to sin but to instead live a good life, so they figure that must be what … [See more…]

Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?

So it’s the end of the semester and I have been suddenly gripped with… sick. I’m not sure exactly what it is (or was, since I have officially declared myself well as of today), but it involved sore throat, sniffles, nausea, AND a fever. It was like all the sicknesses rolled into one. Not fun. … [See more…]

When You Say, “Soon”…

Soo… the Bible says quite a few times that Jesus is coming back soon. With the emphasis always on the “soon”. Pastors like to rail on that from the pulpit and Christians mutter it to themselves when they need encouragement to do right. The thing is, the Bible was finished almost two thousand years ago… … [See more…]