We’ve Moved!

If you have been wondering where we’ve been, we have officially moved! We are now called Life Along the Way, found at lifealongtheway.org. As those of you following along on social media know, we wanted to redesign our site and to refocus it a bit. We are still sharing blog posts focusing on God’s Word … [See more…]

The Blessing of Nothingness


A woman in our church just wrote a book about her life as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. We just had a lovely dedication service, and right now on our table sits a brand, spankin’ new, signed copy, waiting to be read. I haven’t actually opened it yet, but I adore the title: God … [See more…]

THEY Got to See Him First?!


What do you think you would have felt like if you had seen the shepherds that first day-after-Christmas morning, ranting and raving about angels and babies and miraculous happenings? You might have felt some awe, maybe some curiosity, maybe even a little bit of doubt at their story (ok, more realistically, a lot of doubt … [See more…]

Before Bethlehem

Nativity Scene

Other than the whole miraculous conception, angel-announced-pregnancy thing, those middle sections of the Christmas story were just like any other woman’s pregnancy. Although she had to be in utter awe of the fact that the baby kicking around inside her was God Himself, Mary still did carry Him for 9 months. Like other babies, Jesus … [See more…]

Un-Redefining Worship


“Will everyone please stand for worship?” a man at the front says to the crowd. With shuffling pages and a bit of whispering, everyone stands up. Some music starts and the focus shifts at the sound. At just the right time, everyone joins in singing. It’s one of those beautifully captivating moments for this church. … [See more…]

Just Some Face in My Mirror

girl looking in mirror

“But be doers of the word and not hearers only” – James 1:22 What great advice, you might be thinking. Of course that’s true! It’s time to enthusiastically thump something! Maybe shout a few hearty ‘Amens’! We like to think those responses of ours are honest, and I know I like to think I follow that … [See more…]

Praying Through the Psalms


Psalms is a beautiful book of the Bible. I can just get lost in the imagery, the poetry, and the powerfully raw emotion. As I have been reading through it lately, I have just loved how well it describes life and how beautifully it lends itself to being read as a series of prayers from … [See more…]

Busy, Busy, Busy


As I’m thinking back over my crazy week, looking forward to my jam-packed weekend, and watching my husband plow through a project that will keep him up for yet another late night, I wonder. Is it good that we’re so busy? Is it bad? Does God care one way or another? I love that the … [See more…]

Fully Known

Being at a university of 40,000 people has some upsides and some downsides. Now, personally, I love the ability to just blend into crowds so that not one person is taking a bit of notice of me. Every once in a while, though, I walk around and think of how very little anyone here even … [See more…]