To Dream or Not to Dream?

It’s graduation season again and there are slews of students marching off with the thought that they can chase their dreams and be what they put their minds to. Is that true? Does God say that? When I was little, I dreamed of being a figure skater. I was glued to any TV screen that … [See more…]

I Alone Am Left

  “What are you doing here, Elijah?” The voice of God echoed down to the man alone on the mountain. Elijah took a deep breath. He was standing in the presence of the Most Holy! What a weighty privilege… Yet he was overwhelmed by another weight. Leading an entire nation back to God when few … [See more…]

Through the Looking Glass


Today is May 1. It’s not a particularly important day, but it’s the beginning of a new month, which in turn means it’s the end of an old month. I’m not someone for whom reflection comes naturally (growing up, I got in trouble for the same things over and over and over), but in 2015, … [See more…]

The Desires of Your Heart

This past Sunday, I was in a mood. Nothing sounded fun, nothing was making me happy. No matter what I did, I still felt… blech. So I had a talk with myself. Me: Self, what’s your problem? Myself: I am NOT happy. Me: What do we need to make us happy? Myself: Well, I could … [See more…]

Whatever You Do?

A writing opportunity fell into my lap the other day that had me aglow with excitement (Seriously. I think there was actual glow-age.) I was going to get to write an article like I do here on the Wicket Gate but for a site that gets thousands of visitors each day instead of a handful … [See more…]

If Martha Were a College Student

Have you ever heard the story of Martha, the woman in the Bible? If she were a college student today rather than a woman living at the time of Jesus, her story would look scarily similar to mine. It would be almost identical, actually, to my week. Minus the sister (I do have a sister, … [See more…]

The Hypocrisy of Palm Sunday

Have you ever pictured what Palm Sunday must have looked like? In my mind, I see streets just overflowing with people in their Bible-time robes. In my picture, there are palm leaves everywhere. They’re waving in the air, laid on the ground, flapping half-torn from trees. And as Jesus rides in majestically on His colt, … [See more…]